These games were made in teams of varying sizes and people in 48 hours or less at game jams. They're fun, they're silly, and they really hit you in the heart (kind of).


Ripe of Passage

A game made at Global Game Jam 2016. Theme was ritual.

You play as Tom Ato to prove your worth as a vegetable (not a fruit!).

mc headshot.png

I Ruff You

A game somehow made in some 8 hours left after finishing art for A Trip Through Time during the WICS Game Jam 2016. 
A profound and moving journey of a dog learning that she, too, needs a companion in the form of man's best friend.

A Trip Through Time

A game made at WICS Game Jam 2016. Winner for "Best Art" for the theme retro. 

Survive your mind to reach the high of your trip.


Microwave Mom

A game made at Global Game Jam 2017. Theme was ~waves~. 

You're a kid trying to get some pasta on while your mom is snoozing away. It's like WarioWare but with a microwave and your mother.